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What is Kettlercise

This workout method takes the basics of kettlebells and puts it into an exercise class. Exercises classes are very popular at local gyms, especially with women. Various kinds of classes are offered at gyms and these include dance, aerobic, yoga, and many others. Now, Kettlercise has joined this list.

Equipment for Kettlercise

Kettlercise uses one piece of equipment, a kettlebell. A kettlebell is a type of weight which resembles a bowling ball without the holes for the fingers. It is slightly smaller in diameter than a bowling ball and has a handle at the top. Kettlebells come in different weights to provide different workout levels. This is the only piece of equipment necessary to participate in a Kettlercise class.

Movements in Kettlercise

The movements in a Kettlercise class include the movements used in traditional kettlebells workouts. These include swings, snatches, lunges, pulls, presses, and many others. A Kettlercise class is designed to provide a variety of kettlebell movements in an exercise class setting. The movements are presented in such a way that class members can learn the proper way to execute the movement. This helps the class member obtain the best workout possible. No previous experience in kettlebell workouts is necessary.

Benefits of Kettlercise

Many physical and emotional benefits of Kettlercise exist. These include:

  • Overall improved fitness
  • Leaner body
  • Increased strength
  • Improved posture
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved endurance

Participating in a Kettlercise class provides an improved overall fitness. The heart gains strength and works much more efficiently. Fat deposits are used up and help reduce overall weight. Breathing is easier because the lungs are in better shape since the heart is more efficient.

Kettlercise classes help individuals obtain a leaner body. This type of exercise can be intense and often encourages the body to search out fat deposits and use those up. Therefore, the body loses more fat and becomes much leaner.

The use of kettlebells increases strength because they are a type of weight. The pulls, swings, and presses are similar to lifting weights which helps to increase muscle and strength. The primary difference is that lifting weight focuses solely on increasing muscle. The goal of Kettlercise is to provide an overall workout rather than focus on one particular area.

Kettlercise also enhances a person's emotional fitness. Working out increases the circulation of blood to the brain and other organs. This causes a release of endorphins from the brain which helps to make an individual feel better. As a person recognises better overall fitness and feeling emotionally better, one is much more likely to continue a workout.

Kettlercise Focus

Kettlercise is designed to provide an overall total body workout. This means members will receive an aerobic, endurance, and strength workout class all in one. Kettlercise provides a way for individuals to exercise in a more efficient manner.

This Kettlercise™ course is aimed at the fitness professional who wants more detailed knowledge about the general and more sport specific benefits of kettlebells. KETTLERCISE™ is a licensed course and you can only conduct a course if your name appears on the Register of Kettlebell Professionals (R.K.P.S.). There is a membership fee paid yearly of £25.00.

To Book your place on any of our courses or check out dates and venues please call: Tel: 01282 698 698